At Global Shrimp Trading Limited, we’ve decided to focus on one type of shrimp.

The White P. Vannamei Shrimp is our speciality!

In doing so, we aim to create a competitive advantage, which will be most noticeable in our expert knowledge, quality and the product solutions we offer in order to meet our customers’ demands.


Our premium retail packaging is available in boxes of 400gr and 800gr in net weight, as well as bags of 1Lbs and 2Lbs.

We also have a branded larger size box that can accommodate net weights of 1.7Kg, 1.8Kg and 2Kg, or 4Lbs and 5Lbs.

We also ship white branded boxes, complete with all required legal mentions, in net weights of 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg and 10Kg.

On the other hand, we always work to find ideal solutions for our customers, and can package in their preferred brands and box sizes.

Just let us know!


Our White P. Vannamei Shrimp come in various sizes, including but not limited to:


All our shrimp can be delivered raw, processed and frozen as per customer request.

Our shrimp can be processed semi-IQF or block frozen. Glazing can be adjusted as per customer request.

Product types include:

  • Head On Shell On (HOSO)
  • Head On Shell Off (HOSL)
  • Head Off Shell On (HLSO)
  • Head Off Shell Off (HLSL)
  • Head On Tail On (HOTO)
  • Head On Tail Off  (HOTL)
  • Head Off Tail On (HLTO)
  • Head Off Tail Off (HLTL)
  • Peeled Tail On (PTO)
  • Peeled Undeveined (PUD)
  • Peeled and Deveined (P&D)

More options available – contact us!